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Short Course on Marine Science and Marine Environment with the Philippine Coast Guard

Updated November 20, 2021

by MERF, Inc

Short Course on Marine Science and Marine Environmental Resources Underwater Assessment with Open Water Diving (November 4-9, 2019)

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is mandated to perform maritime search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, maritime safety, marine environmental protection and maritime security. As the protector and enforcer of the law in Philippine waters, it is important for the PCG to know the principles of marine science, marine ecology and to be familiar with the marine life in identified marine protected areas. This six-day course of UP Marine Science Institute in partnership with MERF aims to help participants acquire knowledge and understanding of the marine environment; to develop the necessary skills and attitude to bring about the desired developmental change to properly govern and sustainably exploit the maritime domain, including territorial waters and exclusive economic zones. It was held at the UP Marine Science Institute and Bauan, Batangas.


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