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SEA6 Energy Project

Induction of Reproduction in KAPPAPHYCUS ALVAREZII by Environmental Manipulation


Funding Agency: Sea6 Energy Private Limited

Project Leader: Michael Y. Roleda, Dr.rer.nat.

Project Duration: January 05, 2023 to January 15, 2024

The general objective of the project is to induce reproduction in commercially cultivated haplotypes of Kappahycus alvarezii.

The specific goals are (1). To establish the ploidy and life stage (tetrasporophyte or gametophyte) of commercially cultivated K. alvarezii and K. striatus germplasm maintained at the UP-Marine Science Institute seaweed culture laboratory and gene bank, and (2). To induce sexual and asexual reproduction using light, temperature, and nutrient manipulations.

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