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DFAT project

An Integrated Approach to Marine Resource Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries Management, to Strengthen Coastal Communities in Zambales

Funding Agency: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Collaborator: Southern Cross University

Project Leader: Maria Vanessa B. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Project Duration: February 15, 2022 to January 31, 2024


The aim of this project is to integrate two proven methods for coral restoration into developing local community and other stakeholder networks, to support improved management and conservation outcomes for MPA's in the Zambales region.

  • The first phase of the project is to engage with the key stakeholders including local community leaders, fishers, education leaders, LGUs and representatives from key national government agencies including DOST-PCAARRD, DENR-EMB, and DA-BFAR to identify people that are committed to supporting coral reef restoration and conservation outcomes.

  • The second phase is to initiate an adaptive training and community education pathway to develop restoration and conservation practitioner networks which can then transfer increased knowledge of coral reef ecology and restoration methods, and the importance of reef conservation back to their stakeholders group.

Once established, these community-led restoration stakeholder networks can support improved management outcomes within MPAs in the third phase of the project, leading to more effective conservation outcomes and sustainable use of reef systems and resources.


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