Updated November 20, 2021

by MERF, Inc.

Membership Qualifications

  • PhD graduates involved in areas of marine science research and allied fields with local affiliation

  • Has previous and present collaboration with current/retired MSI faculty e.g. a supervised student pursuing marine science area of specialization; former research personnel of an MSI project

Responsibilities of MERF members

  • Support the Vision and Mission of MERF within their capacities in their respective areas of work

  • Propose and implement at least 1 research project through MERF every 3 years (retired faculty may continue proposing/ implementing projects in partnership with an active MERF faculty member/MERF researcher)

  • May be tapped as a resource person at least once every 3 years, for MERF capacity building initiatives/projects

  • May participate in one of the MERF working committees, which is headed by a member of the Board of Trustees

  • Attend the MERF General Assemblies